Thank You To My Neighbors For Endorsing Me For NCWP

Thank you neighbors!

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Thank you to my neighbors for endorsing my run for the Neighborhood Council Westchester Playa! Please know that your confidence is well-placed. I am completely committed to:

  • Being a voice for our community to City Hall
  • Putting my community’s interests first and above my own interests
  • Protecting and preserving the unique character of each of our constituent communities
  • Being a leader for change and transparent communication
  • Putting families and safety first

I also plan on supporting these candidates who stand for my same principles: Continue reading “Thank You To My Neighbors For Endorsing Me For NCWP”

Guess Who’s Running For Neighborhood Council?

welcome to westchester, ca

Why Me? Why Now?

My family and I have lived in Westchester for almost 12 years. I still remember when our realtor suggested we consider the neighborhood. Despite years of business travel and taking taxis between the Marina and LAX, I had no idea the neighborhood even existed, hidden as it was behind all those big, beautiful mature trees along Sepulveda Boulevard.

At first, we were reluctant to look at anything so “far” south. I’d always worked in Westwood and Century City, and my idea of “south” was Mar Vista. Comparing Mar Vista to Westchester, we quickly learned that the houses and lots are considerably larger for the same money, so Westchester it was.

We found ourselves a beautiful little updated bungalow in South Kentwood that we had all of 20 minutes to consider before writing our offer in the real estate frenzy of 2002.

It was a crazy time. Our closing kept getting pushed out and the NICU release date of uber-preemie baby kept creeping up (we definitely had no complaints on the latter event). We finally got our keys with one week to outfit the house before our very tiny bundle of joy came home.

We’ve loved Westchester and have been so happy that we landed here. Watching families walk the neighborhood with small children and dogs still brings Continue reading “Guess Who’s Running For Neighborhood Council?”

Playa del Rey Animal Shelter Drive

Saturday, Dec. 3rd 2011
Triangle Park
@ Waterview & Trask

Please bring: new or gently used blankets, beds, towels, washable cat & dog toys (large KONG toys are great), assorted treats for cats & dogs (avoid rawhide & pig ears), grooming items, travel crates, cat litter, unopened bags of dog & cat food, canned food, new collars and leashes.

Blankets and beds provide shelter animals warmth, comfort, security and a cozy place to snuggle, especially during freezing months in outdoor shelters. Questions? Call Donna @ 310 890-3881

Speak Up NOW For A Light Rail Train Station In Westchester

Posted today on Yahoo by the Westchester Neighbors Association

Posted by: “Judith Citrin” jpcitrin @

Tue Nov 8, 2011 10:20 am (PST)
We need your emails!! If we act now, Westchester can have a station on the new Crenshaw/LAX line that will link our community to a vast light rail system of the future—to downtown LA, the South Bay, the Westside and beyond.

The train will be going through Westchester along Florence and Aviation. But at this point, no Westchester station is planned. LA County Supervisor Don Knabe is asking the Metro Board to include an at-grade station at Hindry and Florence in the bid process. Our city councilman Bill Rosendahl has promised to help us find the funding.


E-mail the entire Metro Board at and copy Julie Moore of Supervisor Knabe’’s office The message can be as simple as “I support Supervisor Knabe’s motion for an at-grade Westchester station.” (see more info below)


Thursday, Nov. 17 at 10:30 AM, One Gateway Plaza, downtown LA (you can take the train or for carpool, contact me)


Judy Citrin


-bring community development and beautification

-increase property values

-take cars off our streets

-connect to LAX people mover

-allow people to visit our restaurants, businesses and playhouse

Transit for Westchester

Posted by: “Edgar Saenz” esaenz @

Tue Nov 8, 2011 10:56 am (PST)

Hello Friends, I totally agree with Judith.With your voice, Westchester residents can (in five years) ride a train on the new Crenshaw/LAX Line from a Westchester station to downtown LA, Staples Center, a future NFL football stadium, USC, MOCA, the
courthouse, the Dorothy Chandler, Disney Hall, Union Station, LAX, and eventually the South Bay. Please (1) e-mail the supervisor now, or (2) join me at the MTA next week.


The Crenshaw/LAX line is a new light rail line through Los Angeles and Inglewood. Its 8.5 mile route will connect the Expo Line with the Green Line over the Harbor Subdivision right-of-way. Ground will be broken in 2013.

Supervisor and MTA Board Member Don Knabe has introduced a motion that seeks design, bid, and construction of an at-grade Westchester station between Manchester and Hindry.

The Crenshaw/LAX line’s coming. The train’s going through Westchester. The question is whether it’ll stop in Westchester.

Action Requested:

(1) E-mail support. You may e-mail and copy Julie Moore of Supervisor Knabe’s office < . The message can be as simple as “I support the supervisor’s motion for a Westchester station.”

(2) Attend the Committee meeting on Thursday, Nov. 17.

The motion will be considered at the Construction Committee, which meets on Thursday, November 17 at 10:30 am, One Gateway Plaza , 3rd Floor Board Room, Los Angeles. (With this proposed station, in the future you could take a train to MTA meetings.) Knabe chairs that committee. Knabe’s office has written that “the community’s comments on the motion, as well as any support, would be greatly appreciated.” Your support will help him help us.

Since we can’t take a train (yet), let’s carpool. (Edgar’s no. 310-753-1668)

Yours for a better Westchester,

Edgar Saenz, Esq.
8939 S. Sepulveda Blvd., Ste. 102
Los Angeles, CA 90045
T (310) 753-1668

Attention Realtors, Small Business Owners And Community Thought Leaders

This article was originally written in January 2008 for, a community blog featuring news, views, tips & chatter from Westchester, CA.


Websites and blogs like dominate search engines like Google, Yahoo! and MSN because they provide regularly updated web content focused on a particular topic, such as living in Westchester. Blogs are also technically structured in ways the search engines favor. If you have a service business or other message to get out to the world, blogs rock with the search engines!

Why are the search engines important? Because search engines are the first place consumers sit down to find more information on a particular topic. It’s no coincidence that the word “google” has become a common verb in everyday usage. Whenever my six year old wants to know about a topic I don’t know much about, I tell her, “let’s check the Internet.” The first place I start is Google.

Google is also the first place journalists look these days for experts to quote in news articles. What could that kind of exposure do for your business??? Continue reading “Attention Realtors, Small Business Owners And Community Thought Leaders”

U2? Us Too.

This article was originally written in March 2008 for, a community blog featuring news, views, tips & chatter from Westchester, CA.


My husband headed home early recently and I tore myself away from my computer to catch the U2 3D movie at the Bridge Theater on its IMAX screen over at the Howard Hughes Promenade. Seeing the movie was my husband’s idea, based on a story that he heard on NPR. I’m a casual fan of the band’s music and huge supporter of their humanistic message, and the movie sounded like a fun diversion for a rainy Friday afternoon. I had no idea what was in store for me and I was in for a pleasant surprise.

The film was shot at nine concerts during U2’s Vertigo Tour in 2005/06 to promote the group’s 2004 album How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb. Footage from the tour was shot mostly in South America where Continue reading “U2? Us Too.”

The “X” In LAX And Other Westchester Historical Trivia

This article was originally written in March 2008 for, a community blog featuring news, views, tips & chatter from Westchester, CA.


Like most of the rest of southern LA County, Westchester began the 20th century as an agricultural area. Rapid development of the aerospace industry near Mines Field (as LAX was originally called, reportedly named for the real estate agent who pitched the location in 1928 to the City Council) and overall population growth in LA created a demand for housing in the area. In mid-1930, the Los Angeles Municipal Airport was dedicated.

Real estate magnate Fritz Burns developed a tract of inexpensive prefabricated single-family homes on the site of a former hog farm at the intersection of Manchester & Sepulveda Boulevards. The community, dubbed “Westchester,” grew as the aerospace industry boomed in World War II and after. It’s surprising we didn’t end up with Burnschester or Continue reading “The “X” In LAX And Other Westchester Historical Trivia”