The Internet On Strike

I just bumped into my first website on strike.  I know of a couple of others who put up black marks over their logos.  The implications of the web on strike are fascinating to me.  This is a highly organized campaign.  Notice that somebody created the page below and offered it to anybody who cared to use it.  The template also includes a form for emailing Congress.

See the page live at

UPDATE:  I accidentally bumped into a setting on my blog dashboard offering to send my site dark or add a ribbon of protest.  Talk about organized!  This blog is on the platform.  A setting like this makes it extremely simple for hundreds of thousands of bloggers to black out today.  Like I said above — fascinating….

Our Social Media Obsession by the Numbers

From the time we wake up in the morning to the moment we call it a day, and every moment in between (think bedroom, bathroom and dinner table), we’re checking in on our favorite social media sites.

This conclusion comes from data gathered by an independent study (commissioned by Retrevo), which surveyed 1,000 online individuals.

Read more at  Our Social Media Obsession by the Numbers [STATS].

Do paywalls hurt social news?

Do paywalls hurt social news? | SmartBlog On Social Media.  NYT’s Senior VP, Digital Operations says this:

Readers coming through “side doors” such as non-NYT blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. are negligible…

I’m skeptical.  I think traffic from social links is bigger than they are willing to admit.  Looks like social traffic will get some number of free views, but I’d bet money that people will skip clicking on links to “save” their views for some future “better” article.  Will be interesting to watch this experiment.