About Tracy TC

I am (in no particular order) a mom, wife, inactive lawyer, digital marketing entrepreneur, real estate broker, housing & lifestyle activist and clean living fanatic.  After 10+ years as an attorney, I took an unexpected tour through the real estate industry as a web tech entrepreneur.  I brought everything I learned there about web marketing and digital reputation building back to the legal industry, where I was an early blogger and social media trailblazer under the brand PluggedInLawyer.

In 2013, I re-licensed in real estate and launched a real estate services group doing business as Silicon Beach Properties, where I specialize in residential and residential income buying, selling and investing in and around Silicon Beach and LA’s Digital Corridor.

As I launched my real estate services business, I also started getting more and more involved in local politics and networking. Fast forward over nine years later and I’m a fixture at local meetings and active in social media conversations about our neighborhood. I even found myself super active in a school board campaign.

When I got married and started a family 21 years ago, I would never have imagined my current life. Now, I can’t imagine my old life. Life is funny and I am blessed to live it mostly on my own terms. Or at least wise enough to keep those terms flexible. 😁

Want to talk about real estate or life in Westchester & The Playas? Let’s connect!

Contact me through this website or through any of the platforms below. My favorite channel lately (code for “use this for the fastest response” 😁) is Facebook Messenger.