Attention Realtors, Small Business Owners And Community Thought Leaders

This article was originally written in January 2008 for, a community blog featuring news, views, tips & chatter from Westchester, CA.


Websites and blogs like dominate search engines like Google, Yahoo! and MSN because they provide regularly updated web content focused on a particular topic, such as living in Westchester. Blogs are also technically structured in ways the search engines favor. If you have a service business or other message to get out to the world, blogs rock with the search engines!

Why are the search engines important? Because search engines are the first place consumers sit down to find more information on a particular topic. It’s no coincidence that the word “google” has become a common verb in everyday usage. Whenever my six year old wants to know about a topic I don’t know much about, I tell her, “let’s check the Internet.” The first place I start is Google.

Google is also the first place journalists look these days for experts to quote in news articles. What could that kind of exposure do for your business???

If you’re not yet blogging on your area of expertise, it’s not too late to get in on the search engine action and stake out your corner of the world wide web. There is still plenty of room for anybody who wants to contribute quality content and information for the hungry consumer machine. We can set you up with a site just like this one or we can set you up with a site that is more real estate-oriented or more closely tied to your area of expertise. Design options for blogs are virtually endless, so your blog can look dramatically different than this one, or just like it – it’s your choice.

Are you a Westchester realtor? No problem. Nobody else writes like us or has our unique view of our community. We welcome competing content on the web for Westchester real estate and would be happy to set you up with a turn-key solution. All you have to do is start writing! Not sure what you would write about? Worry not! We’ll deliver a list of 20 suggested topics tailored to your unique message with all new blog purchases. Contact us today for a quote.

Want to skip the whole web thing and just receive introductions to qualified prospective home buyers and home sellers in Westchester?

Join Tracy’s referral network by dropping her an email introducing yourself. We’re not active realtors, but we are real estate marketing experts with more than five years experience helping realtors leverage the web to grow their businesses. We understand what realtors need to create successful client relationships, and we can introduce you to high quality business prospects interested in buying or selling Westchester real estate.

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