Now THAT’s Full Service

This article was originally posted on Active Rain in August 2007.


Need another idea for generating new business?  Consider this.

The front page of the LA Times business section was dominated today by a huge article on the mortgage meltdown.  Nothing new, there.  But one little article tucked away in the corner about the stock market did catch my eye.  Titled Need a shrink?  Call your broker, it started out like this:

“Is the crazy stock market driving you crazy?

Don’t worry. To cope with the turmoil on Wall Street and beyond, financial advisors are forging professional alliances to provide their clients with psychiatric help. An advisor will work to keep a portfolio balanced while a psychologist will do the same with the client — and, on occasion, the advisor.”

Why limit all the fun to the stock market?  I talk to real estate agents and brokers all day who tell me the market is making them crazy and I’m sure their clients feel the same.  Why should the financial advisors hog all the good business generating ideas?

What do you say?  Does anybody out there have a good shrink I can put on speed dial?


A big shout out to Mariana Wagner and her post titled DIY: How To Make a Cool Border Around Your Active Rain and Localism Blog Posts for the inspiration and know how to create my cool beige background and border.  Thank you, Mariana!

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