Way More Concerned With YEO Than SEO

This article was originally written in October 2009 for Plugged In Lawyer, a blog about social media for lawyers.


Jeff TurnerOne of my biggest influencers in the world of social media has been Jeff Turner, a guy who was at the forefront of blogging and all things social media in the real estate world before we even had the term “social media.”  Jeff is one of the most authentic, plugged in and generous voices I’ve ever found on the web.

I haven’t checked in recently on what Jeff has done, but I’ve been busy digging up my thoughtleaders and their Twitter information so I can reconnect with my roots.  That led me to Jeff’s Twitter homepage and his amazing, stop you in your tracks bio statement, “Way more concerned with YEO* than SEO….  *You Engaging Others.”

Not only does this statement capture the essence of who Jeff Turner is, it captures the essence of what social media and social networking should be all about.  SEO still has its place as part of a smart social media marketing strategy, but search engines, for all their complicated mathematical algorithms, are (at the end of the day) looking for relevance.  Engagement is what is relevant on the web right now.

Everybody should be more concerned with YEO than SEO.  Jeff was smart enough to recognize and articulate the concept. Big, big, “drop everything and create a post” hat tip to Jeff Turner for his social media brilliance.

By the way, I see from Jeff’s bio that he has also added two more little ones to his brood since I last checked in.  So glad there are more little Turners in the world.  🙂

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