WordPress Websites So Easy Even A Lawyer Can Set Them Up

This article was originally written in October 2009 for Plugged In Lawyer, a blog about social media for lawyers.


Lightbulb4How many lawyers does it take to put up a wordpress.com site?  Only one and it’s you, if you follow the simple videos outlined below.  These videos show you how to set up all the pieces that I personally think you need to get your wordpress.com site up and ready to roll.  These videos and $35, that is.

So whip yourself up a latte, roll up your sleeves, put on a little Radio Margaritaville and let’s get going.  Reviewing these videos will take about 40 minutes, but it won’t hurt a bit.  I promise.

You’ve already signed up and created your profile, right?  Start here with a nice little welcome message.

Blog Set-Up

Blog Admin

Content Creation

Sharing Your Content

There you go!  Go forth and strut your stuff on the world wide web.

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