Wrapping Your Lawyer Brain Around Blogging

This article was originally written in September 2009 for Plugged In Lawyer, a blog about social media for lawyers.


Having a hard time wrapping your lawyer brain around the idea of blogging?  I ran into a very lawyerly white paper called Blogging For Laywers, complete with footnotes!

Back in the day, I wrote long briefs and footnotes were one of my particular talents.  My brain doesn’t think in footnotes anymore.  My brain thinks in links these days.  Nevertheless, I still recognize beautiful footnotes when I see them, and this article struck me as a nice bridge for lawyers who don’t yet think in links.

While you’re at it, check out the author’s blog at Delaware Litigation.  He writes a beautiful, classic lawyerly blog on the topic of what else?  Delaware Litigation, of course.  Not a topic that I personally could write passionately about day after day, but Francis does a beautiful job and has been recognized for his efforts by LexisNexis.

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