Thank You To My Neighbors For Endorsing Me For NCWP

Thank you neighbors!

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Thank you to my neighbors for endorsing my run for the Neighborhood Council Westchester Playa! Please know that your confidence is well-placed. I am completely committed to:

  • Being a voice for our community to City Hall
  • Putting my community’s interests first and above my own interests
  • Protecting and preserving the unique character of each of our constituent communities
  • Being a leader for change and transparent communication
  • Putting families and safety first

I also plan on supporting these candidates who stand for my same principles:

Julie Ross, District 1

Craig Eggers, District 3

Erin Hanson, District 5

Kathryn Evans, District 13

Christopher Baker, At-Large

LAWA, Roger Cuevas

Seniors, Sharon Stoltzman

Did you know?

Our NCWP voting bylaws allow each stakeholder to vote for all seats up for election, including residential district seats where we don’t live. Don’t let somebody else choose your NCWP for you.

Come out and be heard! Your NCWP is your direct link to City Hall.

Sunday is Election Day

Election Day is Sunday, May 18th. Come out between 10 am and 4 pm to the Westchester Municipal Building next door to the library at 7166 W. Manchester Ave.

Don’t forget to bring evidence that you livework or own property in Westchester, Playa del Rey or Playa Vista. A list of acceptable documentation can be found here.

See you there?

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